You will be front and center in a room full of progressive thinkers, doers, and decision makers, creating positive brand association through their experience at Pioneer Mode

Objective: Further establish your organization as a leader in advanCing the future of fashion

We aim to reflect the interest of our partners and ensure the greatest value for your contribution, so we are flexible and open to your ideas for a mutually beneficial collaboration! 


– Pioneer Mode promotion in your community email newsletter (we will provide a ticket discount code for your community)

– Blog post write-up on your site about Pioneer Mode (i.e. interview with the founders, why you should attend, etc.)

– Announcing Pioneer Mode to your community at one of your upcoming events

– Listing of Pioneer Mode conference in your event calendar

– Creating or sharing Pioneer Mode social media content to your audience pre-event (mentions: 2-4 Twitter, 1-2 Facebook, 1-2 Instagram)

– Live social media posting during event 

– Gift bag swag for Pioneer Mode attendees (ie: promo code for community membership, online store purchases, etc.)

*Pioneer Mode swipe copy and sample social media posts can be found here

What Pioneer Mode can offer (and open to your ideas):

– Recognition on our website as a Community Partner for the event indicated by logo placement on our partnerships page, and a company description linked from the logo

– Logo in partner section of the conference communication & collateral (250 copies distributed to our audience)

– Recognition on our list of resources oriented towards the future of fashion (permanent on our site)

– A full blog write up featuring the aspects of your company you would like for our audience to be aware of (i.e. products, services, values, etc.)

– An abridged version of the same in our email newsletter

– Discounted conference ticket rate (25% off code) for members of your community

– Invitation for two members of your organization to the conference (including full day program and gift bags, value: $530)

– Promoting your organization pre-event via social media (if there are particular updates you would like for us to promote, please make us aware)

– Prioritization for partnerships for future events

*Deadlines to receive logos and necessary communications support : October 16th